About Us

About Us
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Bringing the latest biotechnology trends to you in a simple to understand format as we embark on the bio-revolution ahead of us.

Bio Compounding was started by two individuals who have a deep passion for all things technology. We bring our strong experience in analyzing technology companies across multiple sectors. We are especially proficient in understanding technologies that are driven by biology due to both of us having Ph.D.’s and having worked on projects spanning multiple niches such as – Infectious diseases, cancer, ophthalmology, skincare, and autoimmune diseases to name a few.

If you are curious about why we choose this name, you can find out here.

Together we bring close to sixteen years of experience in scientific research and analyzing companies.

With the bio-revolution which has been set upon us, we believe this is an opportune time to start this blog/newsletter to share our knowledge with everyone around the world.

Bob the Builder, PhD

Bob the builder has over eight years of research experience and twelve years of investing experience across multiple markets. Bob has a Ph.D. in Immunology & Microbiology. He has worked on projects involving infectious diseases, cancer, ophthalmology, and autoimmune diseases. His investing adventure began at a young age out of curiosity, since then he has been managing his money by adopting active investing strategies across multiple sectors which are within his circle of competence.

Curious otter, PhD

Curious otter has over eight years of research experience and three years of investing experience. Curious otter has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and specializes in gene manipulation, gene therapy, and RNA technologies. She has worked on a diverse range of medical targets including cancer, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, and skincare. In recent years, she has also ventured into cryptocurrency and is currently participating in multiple blockchain ecosystems.

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